Bellamy's Organic

Influencing the Influencers

Bellamy’s Organic is Australia’s leading organic baby food products. The company focuses on simple, uncomplicated nutrition with the aim of providing a pure start to life for babies and young children everywhere.

Millennial mums are Bellamy’s primary audience. They’re highly educated, cynical of traditional advertising, and continually change purchasing habits as their baby quickly grows from infant to toddler.

So how do we keep Bellamy’s top of mind among millennial mums?

Our strategy of ‘influence the influencers’ sees us create endorsement among key opinion leaders, from parenting and nutrition experts to bloggers and personalities. These third parties are highly regarded by Mums, but need to believe in a brand and product themselves before they’ll endorse it. We firstly identify the right key opinion leaders through our influencer model, and then work closely with them to demonstrate the benefits Bellamy’s brings to mum and babies.

We understand that opinion leaders aren’t here to spruik product, but rather, share educational and empowering messages that help build brand loyalty. Through understanding the needs of millennial mums and influencers, we’ve help position Bellamy’s as the brand that’s there for Aussie mums, and understands their needs best.