Innovation and You

Philips has long been known for its electrical appliances, from TVs to audio, kitchen appliances, toothbrushes and more.

But beyond this, Philips does more than simply put well-designed and helpful products in the home. In fact, Philips provides a continuum of care to people in and outside the home, from birth to their later years.

This part of the Philips business, and the work it does with healthcare professionals and organisations is largely unknown.

To tell its story we partnered with The Guardian, and commissioned an investigatory series that showed just how Philips’ insights and innovation is helping improve lives.

The dynamic content from The Guardian told a visual story, simplifying tech-speak and making it easy for all to understand. A supporting LinkedIn campaign targeted C-suite executives.

We then used this content, and others, to pitch interviews with key Philips spokespeople across a variety of media, from healthcare to business, and reposition the brand outside of the technology and lifestyle sector.

Through clever partnerships and creative content we helped unleash Philips’ greater purpose as a brand that focusses on ‘Innovation and You’.