Tata Consultancy Services


TCS is known as an IT services, consulting and business solutions organisation. It’s less known for its CSR work to combat the national shortage of females pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering and maths (‘STEM’).

The current lack of gender equality and skills gap for women in traditionally male-dominated areas of work is a worrying trend; data shows 75% of the fastest growing roles in Australia require STEM backgrounds, and that women occupy 20% of roles in the ITC sector, compared to 45% in all occupations nationwide.

TCS is assisting to alleviate this issue of national concern with ‘Go4IT’, a work experience program encouraging girls to consider digital careers. By the end of 2016, over 250 young women from over 75 schools in Australia will have competed the program.

To show how TCS empowers women in the workforce, we packaged up the success stories of Go4IT case studies to pitch to media showing how the program enables women to fulfil their professional ambitions while championing workplace equality.

By positioning TCS at the heart of the debate around the gender gap in STEM as an issue of national concern, we used compelling data as proof points to tell its story about Go4IT as a force for change.

Resulting editorial and discussions surrounding gender diversity, meant TCS was closer to empowering women and changing perceptions about opportunities for females in science and technology.