Wonderful Pistachios

Pistachio Art

Pistachios are associated with being a healthy snack. But the shells offer more benefits than this. They’re fun to crack and can be recycled in creative ways.

Quirky fun is a core part of Wonderful Pistachio’s DNA in the US, but their irreverent Superbowl ads are relatively unknown in Australia.

To differentiate Wonderful Pistachios from competitors, we partnered with Facebook and ran a competition that encouraged people to share photos of their Pistachio Art.

To kick things off, we asked food, craft and lifestyle influencers to show people what could be achieved with recycled pistachio shells and inspired them to give it a crack.

The content created was then used to pitch stories to traditional media, packaged up with research showing how Australians would rather get together and create something than gather around the TV in silence.

Through creative content and targeted partnerships, we harnessed the power of the pistachio as a novel way to entertain the kids during the holidays.

Now that’s the nuts